Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to my selling blog!

Good afternoon everyone! Well, I am sort of having to do this on my own at the moment, BUT I will be getting advice from my BIL. Hopefully later on~ things sometimes just don't go the way you plan for them to! I will be getting a few things listed on here as I can.
Most of the things here will be explained in detail.   I thought I'd share the story behind the name~ I really don't know what happened here either! LOL! The font has changed!
Nae-Nae is my nickname. It has been until recently, only known by a few people outside my immediate family. I decided to use it because I wanted it to be something meaningful to me. I think I should be meaningful~ what do you think?! LOL!
I hope you will enjoy my creations, and most of them are O.O.A.K. pieces.
Have a great day, and please check back!

1 comment:

  1. I love the name of the blog Renee, and how sweet that you have shared your secret name with all of your blog buddies.8-)
    I love the black doll, you did a great job on her and the bunny. Look forward to seeing more of your creations.