Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello there everyone! For the month of September, I thought it would be nice to offer 20% off any item that is available here. I want to also post a few more things. You won't believe this~ but I found a few more of my pumpkin gals! LOL! I have enough to start my own patch! The one tote I missed! All items are made by me, unless otherwise stated. God bless!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Santa topper

Offering up a santa topper, it would fit a smaller tree like a one to three foot tree. Depending on the tree. Asking 2.00 plus travel fare.

Old fashioned glass candy cane ornies

These are real glass, there are 22 of them total, all various colors, pink, yellow, purple, orange. Very vintage feel. Asking 9.00 plus travel fare.

Reversible Fall/Halloween tree skirt

Offering this fall/Halloween tree skirt. It is a decent size~ made by Honey and Me. The fabric is very nice quality, and the back is all wool with plaid tabs. This could take you through until Thanksgiving. It would easily fit a 4-5 foot twig tree. It retails for about 49.99. Asking 22.00 plus travel fare.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gertie the Green hag

Here's Gertie just green and with her formal attire! LOL! She has twig arms this time. Asking 14.00 plus fare for her.


Here is a nice oval basket, it's like a putty color with the brown bands, it has a liner inside too. Cute for anytime of the year. Around 12" long I am guessing here. Asking 7.00 plus travel fare.

Wooden cart.

This is a wooden cart~ it is very well made, the sheep that came with it arrived broken, so if you have another animal it would be sweet for them.I picture a putz sheep or a goat you could use anything really. I don't have an exact measurement here, but I can let you know. Asking 12.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Welcome tree

Here is the symbol of hospitality, the pineapple. It's a resin base and has the flexible stems for hanging things off of. They retail for about 22.00~ asking 6.00 plus travel fare.

Farm fresh pillow

This is a sweet pillow. It's handmade, I got it from a craft show a number of years back, it's around 12-14" around. Flannel sides and just nice for a cupboard.
Asking 5.00 plus travel fare.

I PROMISE~ last one!

Ok~ I have FINALLY gotten through most of my totes! This IS the last girl here. She is one of my favorites, she has a vintage cat fabric with her Boo Kitty in the pocket, a nice green homespun dress. VERY primitive/folk art. Asking 20.00 plus travel fare.

Crow tablecloth

Offering up this fall tablecloth, it would fit a decent sized table, if you want exact measurements, I can do so, just shoot me a note. Going through more things, this is made by Monroe Salt Works. It would retail for 40.00. I am asking 18.00 please, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Meet Hag Gertie.

This is Gertie, she is a hag. She's been around the broom guild! LOL! She's a fun gal, rather tall, about 30" or so, she can hang or sit, would be fun off a cupboard.
Not my design, but a fun gal. Asking 15.00 plus travel fare please.

The Raggedy hags!

Offering up your choice of three here~ yep~ three hags! These are made by me, not my design, but added my own touches to them. The brooms are made from grapevine and they have the HALLOW raffia colors, plus their haggedy dresses are made from various homespuns.
Fun little gals they are. Around 20 " long  approx~ they have big feet! Asking 15.00 plus travel fare . Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Scrap

This is Little Scrap. She's not REALLY little though! LOL! She's a good sized girl, about 35" long. She's wearing a colonial blue check homespun dress, bloomers, and an apron. She's holding a piece of quilt, and also a vintage spool of thread in her hand. She has raw brown sheep wool for her hair. Her tag says Little Scrap. She is available for 20.00, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Sheep runner

I am offering up this sheep runner. It's made from stained osnaburg, and is a good size~ close to 36" long. It has the sheep, and stars throughout. Very nice piece, I also have 4 table mats that match this if anyone is interested. I am asking 15.00 for this plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Folk art pumpkin gal! Last one!

Alrighty, this is the last one of this lovely gal! The other one I have, is mine. Anyhow, she's a great Halloween addition. She's wearing black and orange homespun and her apron is pretty heavily aged. Boo the cat is tucked in her pocket! She's a hanger, and she's a half body gal! That's right~ someone took some of her innards! Just my wry humor! Asking 20.00, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Witchy Woman

This gal is one I just ran across in my quest to organize the garage! I LOVE this gal too! She is the only one, aside from one other that I made, and I am keeping her. This IS my own design, I used clay for her legs, and paper mache for her nose and mouth. She is weighted, so she's a good sitter! She has to catch up on all those Spells you know! She's wearing a fall color homespun dress, bloomers, and her apron is painted and aged black, she's wearing a black hat, and she's VERY much what I call extreme primitive. She can bewitch your home for 29.00, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Crow/pear plate

Offering up this plate, it's about 7" in diameter. It's real pottery, it's by Honey and Me. I actually have a total of 4 of them. If you are interested ~ I am asking 5.00 a piece for them, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Keeper of the goats!

Here is a sweet gal I made some time back. She is Keeper of the goats~ a My raggedy kids pattern, my version anyhow, since I am not good with them! LOL! She's wearing a colonial blue homespun dress with bloomers and an apron that says Keeper of the goats on it. She's holding her Baer goat. I used real wool for her hair and also the goats beard as well. I don't have her exact measurements, but  she's a good sized gal!
If you are interested in her, I can let you know. I am asking $22.00 for her, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

garden wheelbarrow

Offering up this sweet green wheelbarrow. It's not really made to be right in the outdoors, but if you wanted to put it on the porch~ under a sheltered area, I am sure it would be alright. It's a decent size, around 29" long. You can do plenty of displaying with this~at least three seasons' worth. It is not handmade, but it's nice.
Asking 14.00 for it, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Lady Stove.

I am offering up this little child's stove. It is from the 1950's. It is not in the best condition, but it makes a nice display piece. I like the old toys and I am paring some of my collections down, the doors do open and there is a cord in back. I do NOT recommend that you plug it in! It is metal, and it's 12"wide by 12 1'2" tall.
I paid about 35.00 for this, but I am only asking 15.00 for it, plus the travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Set of three kitchen towels

Here is a nice set of kitchen towels. These are made from heavily aged osnaburg, and one has a crow, it is felted wool, I believe, and so is the star. The blanket stitching is of a rusty brown colored floss. They are of different lengths~ the crow is 17" wide and 32" long, the 1806 is 17"wide and 23" long and lastly, the star is 17" wide and 16" long. These would retail for 27.95. I am asking 12.00 for the set plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Enamel crock

This is an enamel crock. It is antique white and red trimmed. It is not old, but still nice. It's about 13" tall, good for florals. It would retail for 19.95, I am asking 6.00 for this plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Market basket

I am sorry, somehow I must have forgotten to turn the photo! LOL! This is a nice basket, you can see it has a handle for hanging or carrying. It's a mustard over white, some of the white is showing through. It is a decent sized basket~ 9 1/2"tall and 15" in diameter~measuring from end to end from the top. It would retail for 30.00. I am asking $12.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Homestead Pillow

Offering up this nice felted pillow. It's black with a log cabin and a willow tree next to it. A nice pillow for putting in a chair or where ever you may choose. 17"wide by 13 1/2" tall. It would normally retail for 40.00. I am asking $18.00 for it plus travel fare. I accept paypal or money orders.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Folk~extreme primitive pumkin gal

Here is a VERY primitive gal! She is one of my FAVORITES ever of all time! I did not design her, but she is an adaption of a pattern I have someplace in my messy craft room! We won't talk about that right now! LOL!
Anyhoo~ she is great! She is wearing a dress made from orange and black homespun, it's been aged, along with her muslin apron~ which she has a black cat sitting in her pocket! It has BOO stitched on the front. She is wearing a candy corn necklace that is ties with jute! She has twigs for arms and she has no legs.
If you love Halloween, like me, then you will love this gal, or maybe not, I like them VERY dirty! LOL!
I am asking 20.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

House trio set number deux!

Here is set number two! The middle home is a green. I am asking 12.00 for this set as well. Thanks for looking.

Primitive house trio

Here is a neat primitive house trio! These would look great on a shelf or a cupboard someplace! They are made from pine, and handpainted. If you want exact measurements, once I find my measure, I can let you know. Two of them are like a mustard and the other is a barn red. My favorite color! I am asking 12.00 for the set, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.


These are soft items~ you can tuck them anyplace! The star is wrapped in cheesecloth and rusty wire, it's tag says "Prim Star". It can hang or lean like it is now. I think it's about 10-12"tall.
The pillow is very neat! It's a flower pot, and it actually opens so you can place some florals inside. It's a brown felted material. The pillow is about 8" tall. Both are by Honey and Me. The pillow would retail for about 12.95, I am asking 4.00 plus travel fare. The star would retail for about 15.00, I am asking 6.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking!

Colonial style tray

I am offering up this tray, it's wooden, and painted mustard yellow, it's a rather warm shade. It is a decent size, I am sort of guessing at the moment because I can't recall where I put my tape measure! LOL! I would guess it's about 23"long by at least 18-20" wide. It would normally have retailed for $26.95. I am asking $ 9.00 plus travel fare. I do try and get the best rates I can. I accept paypal and m/o. Thanks for looking.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Sue

This is Sweet Sue! She is a nice primitive doll. I made this one, she is based off of a pattern I had by someone that I can't recall at this moment. Anyhow~ she is wearing a colonial blue homespun dress, her nose is sculpted, and she is heavily prim~ used a vintage sugar sack for an apron with Jute~can't get more prim than that! She is a half-doll so she has no legs, she is a hanger, and measures 24" long. I also used raw brown sheep wool for her hair, and her eyes are hand-painted.
Asking 18.00 for her, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Hooked on Roosters?

This is a very nice piece. It's a fair size, 17 1/2"wide and 22" long. Nice prim colors, and you can hang this on the wall or on a dowel rod. Throw it on a table. It would retail for 35.00, I am asking 10.00, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

A tisket, a tasket, look at this big basket!

This is a nice, big basket! It's got the two lids on top that have the hinges for opening, you can store lots of goodies inside! It is 8 1/2" tall w/o the handle, with the handle, it measures 15" tall, and it's about 15" in diameter. It's black, with putty over top. It would retail for 59.00, I am asking 20.00, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lighted wooden house

I love the wooden houses that light up. This one is painted black, and has a wooden star on the roof. It measures about 27" tall. It can come light up your life for $25.00 plus travel fare.

Uncle Sam wants you to know~

He needs a new home! This is a Sam I created based off of a pattern out of Create and Decorate. He can sit or hang. Asking $15.00 plus travel fare.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mr. Bear

Up for offer is this bear I made. He is made from a type of chenille material. All my own design, made up. He is O.O.A.K. He has a red homespun scarf. Asking $18.00 plus travel fare.

Colonial chair

Offering up this colonial chair. It's great for hanging on a shelf or sitting a doll in. Asking $5.00 plus travel fare.

Vintage Saint Nick

This is a neat Saint Nick figure, he looks very vintage, old world looking. He is bisque, and has mica flakes throughout, even on the bisque. His coat is a muted red, it's like a felted material. He stands on a wooden base.He is around 21"tall. He would retail for around $80.00. I am  asking $30.00 for him plus travel fare.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quilt/table mat

Last offering for today. This is a small quilt, it can be hung or just used on a table too. It has multiple colors in it. It is not handmade, but still nice just the same. It measures 18"by18".
Asking $8.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Season sampler

I am offering up this sampler of the four seasons. It is handmade~ measures about 15" long and 13" wide.
It's painted a very dark navy/black color. It can either hang or lean. Stitched on Osnaburg that has been stained. Asking $22.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Birdhouse lovers!

This is a sweet little sign that looks cute hanging in any space! It's evergreen with antique white letters, and it has four different birdhouses. It's 14"long, and 3 1'2"wide. The houses range to 4" in length.
Asking $6.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A place called HOME

This is a beautiful sign. Handmade, and O.O.A.K. It is something that would make quite a statement in any room. It's antique white with black lettering and also sage green. It's 24" long and 11 1/4" wide. There are hangers on the back, or it could just be propped up for display as well. It's a brand new piece~ handmade.
$22.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.


This is just a simple sampler. It is not handmade, but very nice just the same. It is 16" long, and 4 1/4" or so in width. Black, wooden frame with a hanger for hanging if desired. Brand new item~  $8.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ewe are so beautiful!

To me~ can't you see! LOL! I know, I know, don't give up my day job! This mirror is VERY neat! I really wish I had a spot for this, but I don't. It's all wood, and it's HEAVY! The colors are like a mustard and then a sage green on the sides of it. I should have cleaned it better, the mirror, it's a little dusty from being in the closet! This is a brand new piece, never been used. I had this in my store. It would retail for about $99.00.
I am asking $42.00 plus shipping. It would look great in someones' home!
Almost forgot to say how big it is! This stands 28 1/2" tall, and is 15 1/2" wide. The little pears are painted a tad darker than the mirror frame.
Thanks for looking.

Don't miss your window!

Of opportunity that is! This is a neat saying by Winston Churchill. I find him to be a fascinating man.
Anyhow, this is all black with a sepia toned picture. Perhaps you have seen them before, they are not handmade, but still nice. It measures 19"wide by 11"tall. I am asking $10.00 plus shipping.
Thanks for looking!

Quill Make-do!

I am going to try something a bit different. I will just post one item per listing. I am hopeful that my BIL will be coming over soon to help me!
Onto the good stuff!
This is a primitive/colonial quill make-do of sorts. It's very neat, it's all wooden. I did not make this, but I have just this one left, and  it would look great anyplace I think.
The base is antique white, the dowel is like a cross between mustard and putty. The quill is barn red and more antique white. It is 15 1'2" tall. The quill is 20" wide. It actually balances like a compass when you pick it up. I think it's interesting.
I am asking $12.00 plus shipping.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Items for sale

Welcome to my selling blog! I am looking forward to listing items in the future. This is just a start. I have some things I am working on, and  I will post as I can.
1. Let your light shine Annie. This is my design, she is a O.O.A.K. Made from HEAVILY aged and rag stuffed osnaburg, she is 29" long. Wearing a small, red check homespun dress with muslin bloomers. I used red/black wool for her hair, she has a tag that reads "Prim" on it, and she has a rusty oil type light around her neck. She's signed by me. $34.00 plus travel fare.
2. Advertising Crate. This is a brand new, item. It is made in the USA, by The Vermont Wooden Box Company. It is very sturdy, and could be used in a variety of ways. It measures 13"(front), 10 1/2" (sides), and 8 1/2" deep. This is the only one I have left. It would normally retail for around 40.00. I am asking 20.00, which is actually less than what I paid for it wholesale.
3. Mr. S. Hare. He is one of the latest things I have created. He measures 16 1/2" long. He's meant to be a sitter, and he comes with the carrot you see. Asking 24.00 plus travel fare.
I will accept paypal or money orders. I will always strive to get the best shipping rates that I can.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you for looking.