Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Folk art pumpkin gal! Last one!

Alrighty, this is the last one of this lovely gal! The other one I have, is mine. Anyhow, she's a great Halloween addition. She's wearing black and orange homespun and her apron is pretty heavily aged. Boo the cat is tucked in her pocket! She's a hanger, and she's a half body gal! That's right~ someone took some of her innards! Just my wry humor! Asking 20.00, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Witchy Woman

This gal is one I just ran across in my quest to organize the garage! I LOVE this gal too! She is the only one, aside from one other that I made, and I am keeping her. This IS my own design, I used clay for her legs, and paper mache for her nose and mouth. She is weighted, so she's a good sitter! She has to catch up on all those Spells you know! She's wearing a fall color homespun dress, bloomers, and her apron is painted and aged black, she's wearing a black hat, and she's VERY much what I call extreme primitive. She can bewitch your home for 29.00, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Crow/pear plate

Offering up this plate, it's about 7" in diameter. It's real pottery, it's by Honey and Me. I actually have a total of 4 of them. If you are interested ~ I am asking 5.00 a piece for them, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.

Keeper of the goats!

Here is a sweet gal I made some time back. She is Keeper of the goats~ a My raggedy kids pattern, my version anyhow, since I am not good with them! LOL! She's wearing a colonial blue homespun dress with bloomers and an apron that says Keeper of the goats on it. She's holding her Baer goat. I used real wool for her hair and also the goats beard as well. I don't have her exact measurements, but  she's a good sized gal!
If you are interested in her, I can let you know. I am asking $22.00 for her, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

garden wheelbarrow

Offering up this sweet green wheelbarrow. It's not really made to be right in the outdoors, but if you wanted to put it on the porch~ under a sheltered area, I am sure it would be alright. It's a decent size, around 29" long. You can do plenty of displaying with this~at least three seasons' worth. It is not handmade, but it's nice.
Asking 14.00 for it, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.