Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Lady Stove.

I am offering up this little child's stove. It is from the 1950's. It is not in the best condition, but it makes a nice display piece. I like the old toys and I am paring some of my collections down, the doors do open and there is a cord in back. I do NOT recommend that you plug it in! It is metal, and it's 12"wide by 12 1'2" tall.
I paid about 35.00 for this, but I am only asking 15.00 for it, plus the travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Set of three kitchen towels

Here is a nice set of kitchen towels. These are made from heavily aged osnaburg, and one has a crow, it is felted wool, I believe, and so is the star. The blanket stitching is of a rusty brown colored floss. They are of different lengths~ the crow is 17" wide and 32" long, the 1806 is 17"wide and 23" long and lastly, the star is 17" wide and 16" long. These would retail for 27.95. I am asking 12.00 for the set plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Enamel crock

This is an enamel crock. It is antique white and red trimmed. It is not old, but still nice. It's about 13" tall, good for florals. It would retail for 19.95, I am asking 6.00 for this plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Market basket

I am sorry, somehow I must have forgotten to turn the photo! LOL! This is a nice basket, you can see it has a handle for hanging or carrying. It's a mustard over white, some of the white is showing through. It is a decent sized basket~ 9 1/2"tall and 15" in diameter~measuring from end to end from the top. It would retail for 30.00. I am asking $12.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Homestead Pillow

Offering up this nice felted pillow. It's black with a log cabin and a willow tree next to it. A nice pillow for putting in a chair or where ever you may choose. 17"wide by 13 1/2" tall. It would normally retail for 40.00. I am asking $18.00 for it plus travel fare. I accept paypal or money orders.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Folk~extreme primitive pumkin gal

Here is a VERY primitive gal! She is one of my FAVORITES ever of all time! I did not design her, but she is an adaption of a pattern I have someplace in my messy craft room! We won't talk about that right now! LOL!
Anyhoo~ she is great! She is wearing a dress made from orange and black homespun, it's been aged, along with her muslin apron~ which she has a black cat sitting in her pocket! It has BOO stitched on the front. She is wearing a candy corn necklace that is ties with jute! She has twigs for arms and she has no legs.
If you love Halloween, like me, then you will love this gal, or maybe not, I like them VERY dirty! LOL!
I am asking 20.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

House trio set number deux!

Here is set number two! The middle home is a green. I am asking 12.00 for this set as well. Thanks for looking.

Primitive house trio

Here is a neat primitive house trio! These would look great on a shelf or a cupboard someplace! They are made from pine, and handpainted. If you want exact measurements, once I find my measure, I can let you know. Two of them are like a mustard and the other is a barn red. My favorite color! I am asking 12.00 for the set, plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.


These are soft items~ you can tuck them anyplace! The star is wrapped in cheesecloth and rusty wire, it's tag says "Prim Star". It can hang or lean like it is now. I think it's about 10-12"tall.
The pillow is very neat! It's a flower pot, and it actually opens so you can place some florals inside. It's a brown felted material. The pillow is about 8" tall. Both are by Honey and Me. The pillow would retail for about 12.95, I am asking 4.00 plus travel fare. The star would retail for about 15.00, I am asking 6.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking!

Colonial style tray

I am offering up this tray, it's wooden, and painted mustard yellow, it's a rather warm shade. It is a decent size, I am sort of guessing at the moment because I can't recall where I put my tape measure! LOL! I would guess it's about 23"long by at least 18-20" wide. It would normally have retailed for $26.95. I am asking $ 9.00 plus travel fare. I do try and get the best rates I can. I accept paypal and m/o. Thanks for looking.