Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quilt/table mat

Last offering for today. This is a small quilt, it can be hung or just used on a table too. It has multiple colors in it. It is not handmade, but still nice just the same. It measures 18"by18".
Asking $8.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Season sampler

I am offering up this sampler of the four seasons. It is handmade~ measures about 15" long and 13" wide.
It's painted a very dark navy/black color. It can either hang or lean. Stitched on Osnaburg that has been stained. Asking $22.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Birdhouse lovers!

This is a sweet little sign that looks cute hanging in any space! It's evergreen with antique white letters, and it has four different birdhouses. It's 14"long, and 3 1'2"wide. The houses range to 4" in length.
Asking $6.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A place called HOME

This is a beautiful sign. Handmade, and O.O.A.K. It is something that would make quite a statement in any room. It's antique white with black lettering and also sage green. It's 24" long and 11 1/4" wide. There are hangers on the back, or it could just be propped up for display as well. It's a brand new piece~ handmade.
$22.00 plus travel fare. Thanks for looking.


This is just a simple sampler. It is not handmade, but very nice just the same. It is 16" long, and 4 1/4" or so in width. Black, wooden frame with a hanger for hanging if desired. Brand new item~  $8.00 plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ewe are so beautiful!

To me~ can't you see! LOL! I know, I know, don't give up my day job! This mirror is VERY neat! I really wish I had a spot for this, but I don't. It's all wood, and it's HEAVY! The colors are like a mustard and then a sage green on the sides of it. I should have cleaned it better, the mirror, it's a little dusty from being in the closet! This is a brand new piece, never been used. I had this in my store. It would retail for about $99.00.
I am asking $42.00 plus shipping. It would look great in someones' home!
Almost forgot to say how big it is! This stands 28 1/2" tall, and is 15 1/2" wide. The little pears are painted a tad darker than the mirror frame.
Thanks for looking.

Don't miss your window!

Of opportunity that is! This is a neat saying by Winston Churchill. I find him to be a fascinating man.
Anyhow, this is all black with a sepia toned picture. Perhaps you have seen them before, they are not handmade, but still nice. It measures 19"wide by 11"tall. I am asking $10.00 plus shipping.
Thanks for looking!

Quill Make-do!

I am going to try something a bit different. I will just post one item per listing. I am hopeful that my BIL will be coming over soon to help me!
Onto the good stuff!
This is a primitive/colonial quill make-do of sorts. It's very neat, it's all wooden. I did not make this, but I have just this one left, and  it would look great anyplace I think.
The base is antique white, the dowel is like a cross between mustard and putty. The quill is barn red and more antique white. It is 15 1'2" tall. The quill is 20" wide. It actually balances like a compass when you pick it up. I think it's interesting.
I am asking $12.00 plus shipping.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Items for sale

Welcome to my selling blog! I am looking forward to listing items in the future. This is just a start. I have some things I am working on, and  I will post as I can.
1. Let your light shine Annie. This is my design, she is a O.O.A.K. Made from HEAVILY aged and rag stuffed osnaburg, she is 29" long. Wearing a small, red check homespun dress with muslin bloomers. I used red/black wool for her hair, she has a tag that reads "Prim" on it, and she has a rusty oil type light around her neck. She's signed by me. $34.00 plus travel fare.
2. Advertising Crate. This is a brand new, item. It is made in the USA, by The Vermont Wooden Box Company. It is very sturdy, and could be used in a variety of ways. It measures 13"(front), 10 1/2" (sides), and 8 1/2" deep. This is the only one I have left. It would normally retail for around 40.00. I am asking 20.00, which is actually less than what I paid for it wholesale.
3. Mr. S. Hare. He is one of the latest things I have created. He measures 16 1/2" long. He's meant to be a sitter, and he comes with the carrot you see. Asking 24.00 plus travel fare.
I will accept paypal or money orders. I will always strive to get the best shipping rates that I can.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you for looking.

Welcome to my selling blog!

Good afternoon everyone! Well, I am sort of having to do this on my own at the moment, BUT I will be getting advice from my BIL. Hopefully later on~ things sometimes just don't go the way you plan for them to! I will be getting a few things listed on here as I can.
Most of the things here will be explained in detail.   I thought I'd share the story behind the name~ I really don't know what happened here either! LOL! The font has changed!
Nae-Nae is my nickname. It has been until recently, only known by a few people outside my immediate family. I decided to use it because I wanted it to be something meaningful to me. I think I should be meaningful~ what do you think?! LOL!
I hope you will enjoy my creations, and most of them are O.O.A.K. pieces.
Have a great day, and please check back!