Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Sue

This is Sweet Sue! She is a nice primitive doll. I made this one, she is based off of a pattern I had by someone that I can't recall at this moment. Anyhow~ she is wearing a colonial blue homespun dress, her nose is sculpted, and she is heavily prim~ used a vintage sugar sack for an apron with Jute~can't get more prim than that! She is a half-doll so she has no legs, she is a hanger, and measures 24" long. I also used raw brown sheep wool for her hair, and her eyes are hand-painted.
Asking 18.00 for her, plus travel fare.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Renee
    Great job ~ she is so cute!!

  2. This gal has sold! Thanks so much!